We know that stress is the leading cause of absenteeism, presenteeism, and workforce attrition issues. Employee wellness is a very personal thing. While one employee may want nutritional support, the next will want a marathon training programme while the next will need financial planning support. Our goal is to ensure that every employee has access to positive wellbeing support.

The Wellness Crew pride ourselves on our account management and project management services and have won and retain several leading Irish and Global organisations wellness contracts based on our agility to react and respond to changing requests and demands across our client organisations.

Furthermore we feel we now offer a leading corporate wellness proposition given that at the very core of what we do is manage wellness programmes, delivery market leading human lead events and continually strive to ensure engagement with our wellness programmes is maximised through engagement planning, marketing, advertising and feedback measuring

Meet our Crew

We are an array of wellness experts dedicated to doing great work for great clients.








Aine Ryan

Managing Director








Nick Lawlor








Kieran Ward








Marie McCormack

Office Manager

How we do it

In order to promote and deliver wellness in the workplace the relationship between the 4 key pillars of Employee Wellness need to be recognised and catered for. Think about employee wellness as a series of interconnecting elements that come together to determine the overall wellbeing of an individual.

That’s where The Wellness Crew come in! Like the crew of a ship, our team is split into distinct functions, but we’re ultimately working together towards the same goal. We want to help you deliver the best possible employee wellness programme for your company.