5 steps to supporting your employees wellbeing during Covid

1.Under pressure – Healthy eating while working from home

It’s hard enough to eat healthy at the best of times and much harder now, with most of us working from home, keeping kids mused and dealing with lots of stress. Nutritional Therapist and head of our Food Crew Heather Leeson shares some tips on keeping on track with healthy eating, even under the current circumstances.

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2.Body and mind – the importance of exercise

Regular exercise has huge benefits to physical and mental health, including reducing of chronic isease, improving mood, and even extending life xpectancy. This talk explains the benefits of incorporating exercise into working life, whether participants are already exercising or new to it. Includes practical demonstrations, do’s and don’ts and Q & A.

3.The power of positive thinking

The aim and purpose of this seminar is to outline how belief systems, internal dialogue and positive statements have an impact on one’s behaviour. What effect does negative thinking have and how to eradicate negative thoughts? It is to understand and explore how our beliefs are shaped by the belief engine within us. It is to examine our understanding for developing false beliefs that are sometimes held withgreat confidence and shield us from living our desired life. How can we work on our belief system to create a positive way of living?

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4.Financial Wellness at a challenging time

In this session we will look at the various elements of the employee’s financial wellbeing. Given the challenges that we are currently enduring, never has it been more apparent that unexpected events do sometimes happens. This session will look to show employees how to plan for the unexpected and given the recent Covid 19 environment, we will look at social welfare benefits, mortgage breaks, insurances, financial planning principals and investment/pension markets

5. Reintegration back into the workplace and/or social settings

Seven months is a long time being away from the physical office environment and social gatherings irrelevant of Covid-19. Naturally, it will be difficult to integrate back straight away. On top of that Covid-19 is an added fear. What is a good approach to deal with this? Throughout the seminar we will cover the following areas:

  • How can you help yourself?
  • Morning routine
  • How to deal with internal and external obstacles?
  • Resilience to face adversity
  • Comfort zone
  • Confidence building
  • Positive mind-set
  • Communication and verbal expression
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