This year for men’s health week the theme is Men’s Health Matters and the call is to Make the Time. Take the Time.

We all have busy lives – in fact the ‘B’ word is now kryptonite and you’re not even meant to be busy anymore.  You’re meant to be productive but have a work life balance.  You’re meant to pursue your dream job that leaves you satisfied and fulfilled.  You’re meant to be home on time to cook the dinner and kick football with the kids.  You should fit in a trip to the gym and some meditation.  You should get up early and make a salad to bring to work with you.  You should be self-aware and a good work-mate and an inclusive boss.  Aaaaghh !

Ok so we can’t be perfect and we certainly can’t be all things to all people.  But that doesn’t mean we should throw in the towel altogether.  Perhaps this week, you could take a look at your long mental to-do list.  Don’t get overwhelmed but decide on one priority to tackle at a time. In 2019 the Men’s Health Forum are asking men to make the time to look after themselves. 

 At the Wellness Crew we look at four pillars of health. So here’s some ideas from us – but bear in mind that you should just choose one to start with! We don’t have an infinite pool of ‘time’ and you can’t ‘make time’ for all of these at once.

Money Crew

Set a date to get your financial admin sorted.  We know this guy – he’s been sitting on your shoulder, whispering in your ear. (Not actually our Nick, that would be weird).  But your financial demon has been bugging you – you never sorted your pension/ will/ savings account/insert financial chore here.  If this is your priority, then Make the Time. Take the Time.  Won’t you be so glad to see the back of him? (Again, not Nick – he’s a super nice chap)

Food Crew

It’s summer, or so the calendar would lead us to believe.  Ok so we could still be eating stew and soup with the rotten weather we’re having but typically summer does one of two things to our diets. It can mean a total meat-fest with any excuse to BBQ. It can also mean salad-season.  It’s easier to eat lighter during summer and opting for a salad for lunch is a great way to reach your 5-a-day. Why not focus on this, and buy some shrimp for the ‘barbie’ whenever you get to blow the dust off it.

Mind Crew

Men’s mental health is no longer quite the taboo subject it once was.  If this is something you know you should be dealing with, there is no time like the present.  Mental health is something we all need to be proactive about. There are lots of ways to help here, from mindfulness to meditation, deep breathing techniques and exercise.  Simply acknowledging that you are suffering from stress and starting a conversation about it with someone you trust is a great way to start.

Fit Crew

It can be tricky to always fit exercise into your day.  If you are already moving, summer is a great time to set yourself a goal.  There is early morning light and longer evenings so we tend to feel there is a little time to spare, so why not Take the Time.  If you’re just a beginner, use a step counter and aim for 5,000 to 10,000 steps a day.  Try a couch-5k programme or join a group to help motivate.   

Make the Time

Make the time, just a little bit of time – for you. Pick something, one thing, important to you and just get started.

About the author : Aine Ryan