Now more than ever we need to look after our mental health. To support you and your employees we have developed a few new seminars which offer support, practical solutions and overall will aim to boost mental health.

Wellness, Resilience and Stress Management – The Workshop  

This 90-minute seminar breaks down the biology and neuroscience of stress, offering 5 practical solutions that can reduce the effect of stress, boost mental health, resilience and measurably increase productivity. Naturally, we all know the necessity of sleep, diet, and exercise, but this seminar explains why these factors benefit us and how in their absence, our performance and well-being is impacted.  Participants will come away with practical and creative solutions for instilling good habits, in a way that works for them.

Disconnect to reconnect.  

Even pre-pandemic, global trends have seen an increase in people working from home and an increase in burnout, making the need to physically and psychologically disconnect from work, increasingly important. Research highlights that disconnecting from work after hours boosts productivity, wellbeing, and life satisfaction.

This seminar teaches practical ways to turn off from work when at home, so that restorative time alone or with friends and family is not affected by our 9-5.  Participants will identify the barriers to switching off and create boundaries and rituals that help us disengage. This workshop also looks at how we listen, teaching practical ways to engage meaningfully and enhance our relationships in work and at home.

Pandemic Survival Guide  

This 90-minute seminar teaches practical tips for managing wellbeing during a pandemic. Participants will get an understanding of why we experience anxiety and low mood, and how current events may be exacerbating them. The workshop offers practical skills for managing anxiety and mood, helping participants create their own survival plan to manage their mental wellbeing.

Connecting our Inside with the Outside  

Studies show that engaging in outdoor activities, or simply walking or sitting outside reduces stress hormones and releases endorphins more than doing the same activity indoors. Due to the growing trend of living and working in urban environments, we get less time and opportunity to engage with nature.

This seminar shows how getting outdoors offers benefits on our mental and physical health. It offers practical tips for bringing the benefits of nature into our home and workplace, and includes a mindfulness walk, where participants will engage all their senses to experience a trail or park in a new way. Organisations may also choose to tie in this seminar with team building activities or a park clean up.


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